(ASCF) Awareness Walk In Warri June 19th 2018

Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation (ASCF), was born out of the experience of Audrey Mukoro who suffers from Sickle Cell Disease. I noticed that in my community and city, the issue of sickle cell is downplayed and victims presented as the mistakes of their parents whose burden rest solely on the parents, who could, would have checked their genotype before embarking on a procreation mission.

In this part of the world, there’s an erroneous stereotype that has negatively impacted every aspect of Warriors, e.g. social, building career, even to relationship. Many sicklers have been overlooked for certain work position, not because they are not qualified, but because of their SCD status, they are considered fragile and fit for certain responsibilities, even if they can efficiently deliver on the task at hand.

To correct these misconceptions, we started www.diaryofaudrey.com to be an information bank and constantly provide both information and emotional support and Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation, to carry out activities beyond our screens and gadgets.

Our first event was done in Warri on World Sickle Cell Awareness Day (June 19th), we created an awareness campaign about Sickle cell disorder in along the Airport Road axis of Warri, during the campaign we shared a leaflet on sicklecell titbits, educated people about the disease. Our start point was Tivo Superstores on Airport Road, during the walk warriors present were seated inside vehicles while my team members and kind volunteers sensitized people during the event.

Present were 40 persons including warriors and non warriors, at the end of the walk there was light refreshment and a vote of thanks to partners present.

THANKS to Our kind volunteers who took out time to be in our midst, also to Ehiedu Foundation, Mr & Mrs Newworld ,G360 Prints, Capitol Hill Clinic,#Newwarri, Kareni Prints, Laura Chops, and others too numerous to mention.











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