How Parents can help a Child living with Sickle Cell Disorder grow to be Sickle Strong

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2 Responses

  1. 20bet says:

    Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

    • Audrey Mukoro says:

      Its ok to be in doubt but however, dont hesitate to teach your child about sickle cell and also try to let your child live to the fullest; know when to restrict them and always support and encourage them in whatever they. Its ok to try new things, sickle cell shouldnt stop Us from living, as you do all that also dont forget to adhere to the doctors professional advise, know what works for your warrior and stick to it. let them build their self confidence by mixing up socially; academically. Sickle cell is just a part of Us not who we are totally.

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