On the 8th of July, 2018, we published a post, titled Project Lucky, It was a solicitation for support for a Warrior named Lucky.

We have made progress with Luck and we want to do more. Here’s an update on Project Lucky. As earlier said, Lucky is a warrior living with his father at Edjeba. He was thrown out of the house because his father thinks of him as evil, His mother for reason best known to her cared less.  Part of our core purpose at Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation is to support Warriors like Lucky. At the moment, we have been able to get some help from kind and anonymous donors.

With the donations we’ve gotten, Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation has ensured that Lucky gets regular and professional treatment, especially for the leg ulcers, and we are witnessing great improvement with his health.

Lucky is no more on the street, we have been able to get an apartment for Lucky and made payment for 12 months. We have also gotten him relevant Household items and clothes to cover. At Audrey sickle cell foundation, we don’t just want to feed Warriors with fish, we also want to teach them how to fish. This is why we asked Lucky what will he’ll like to do and he said shoemaking. We look forward to days, not so far from now, where we can be able to sustain the education of Warriors, but for now, we are starting small.

With what we have gotten, we have been able to achieve the following;

    • We have made down payment for Lucky to resume learning how to make shoemaking.
    • Get professional medical care,
    • An apartment for 12 months,
    • Basic household necessity,
    • Clothes etc

These are the things we have been able to do and we want to do more, we employ you reading this post to support us make Lucky luckier because he still needs more support.
We need more Clothes, a fan, regular drugs and most importantly a counselor. We believe that no one goes through Lucky experience and come out unscathed.

We can do more together, your donation can go a long way to help make Lucky become an independent warrior in due time. You can begin making a difference with as little as 1,000 Naira for Lucky or any of the items you can provide or by sharing this post or sending the link to anyone you think can provide support, especially a counselor.

Please make donations or support to

Bank: Sterling bank

Account name: newwarri

Account number: 0064607853

Or call this number 07060499792 // 08030448215//08137675150

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