Project Lucky.

Evil exists because good people do nothing. Many times what many “so-called good people” do is react to evil verbally and i.e. talk and do nothing, especially in social media.

Sicklers in Nigeria are marginalized, we are suppressed, oppressed and neglected because of our health status. As a warrior and mother living in Warri, the journey has not been all smoothie, even though I have a supportive family, think about it, when your family doesn’t want you?Meet Lucky, a 21-year-old Nigerian who lives with Sickle Cell Disorder popularly called sickle cell.

Lucky is fighting valiantly every day, but he’s fighting alone and needs our support, the mother doesn’t want him back, his father has thrown him out the house.

Lucky suffers from a leg ulcer, a complication from sickle cell disorder, he is been of sleeping outside under the rain for over three months.

Lucky is sick and homeless and needs our help. Part of our core purpose Audrey Foundation is to advocate and support Warriors like Lucky, but we are barely six months, self-funded but sold out to the Warriors cause.

Warriors don’t do well under extreme weather conditions, cold or heat, sun or rain. This weather is not good for Lucky. His constitutional human right to life is being violated because knowing his health condition and being thrown outside this extreme weather without food is equivalent to sentencing him to a slow and painful death. Should we let that happen?

Lucky didn’t choose his fate, genotype or blood group, why should he be punished for it?

After due deliberation and gathering of facts, we’ve drawn up a plan for Lucky and we need you to be part of in your own capacity.

A good Nigerian has been making 5,000 Naira available every month for the treatment of the leg ulcer, for the past 3 months, but that’s not enough, because the leg keeps deteriorating, as a result of the abandonment.

Lucky needs the following to put up a good fight against SCD,

  1. Lucky needs a place to stay, (Single Room, 40,000)
  2. Lucky needs to learn a skill (Shoe Making, 25,000)
  3. Lucky needs a counselor,
  4. Regular treatment and drugs.
  5. Lucky needs household items
  6. Mattress, Mattress cover, pillow etc.
  7. Cooking utensilsFood items
  8. Some Clothing, pressure socks etc.
  9. Stove, a fan, etc.

Lucky needs a house to stay, Lucky needs to learn a skill so he can take care of himself in the next 24 months, that’s our goal.

Lucky needs a counselor too, it’s not an easy battle for him, we need a professional who can talk to him.

A good Samaritan started, we are joining by taking up this challenge supporting physically and financially, Will you join us and let’s make Lucky lucky?

You can begin making a difference with as little as 1,000 Naira for Lucky or any of the items you can provide.

Please make donations or support to

Bank : Sterling bank

Account name : newwarri

Account number : 0064607853

Or call this number 07060499792 // 08030448215//08137675150

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