My Secondary School Days.

Dear Diary,

I am so sorry, I have not written for a while, I have been engrossed with plans for Walk for life. An annual awareness walk for warriors. It’s our first project as an organization. However, not giving an excuse, but everything is always easy before it’s done. Recent events have vindicated this statement over and over again.

The demands of running a blog, far outweigh the benefits, especially for a newbie like me. Collins didn’t mention, it will be this demanding, maybe he did and I didn’t listen, I guess I was caught up in the ephemeral of the moment and the desire to share my story and put myself out there, now he has traveled and left me, the blog and Walk for life to run all alone.

Apologies Dear Diary, but I am here to imprint black ink on two or more sheets and go further to punch my keyboards with reckless regards.

Secondary school was the period that I fully transformed from a regular, smart, and happy child to a mute, shy, withdrawn and into the lowest cadre of esteem.

I did my Junior secondary at Ugberikoko secondary school along Airport road and proceeded to Hussey college at Upper Erejuwa for my senior secondary, you can guess, I was small, a lone ranger, who didn’t fancy books and above all was bullied.

Yes, bullied, although not physical assault, but I was called names and among the many names, one stood out and hurts the most. It was “Ako” meaning teeth in Urhobo language. Everywhere I went around Okumagba, people kept calling me the name because of my protruding lips, It hurt me a lot, I took it that the world hated me, and didn’t want me anywhere.

Like a snail, I curled into my shell, denied myself opportunities for friendship and fun. I unknowingly crystalized me, myself and I mentality that robbed me off good people and robust relationship. I found it difficult to meet, and open up to people, which of course is still a challenge, I am dealing with it one step at a time.

The verbal bullying continued until I stood up for myself and fought one of the bully. I was vicious, fierce and fought with every little strength I had. The bully didn’t expect, that reaction, fellow students stunned, school authority was shocked. “That a quiet girl can be this angry,” the name stopped. Until we become angry enough to do something about what we don’t want, genuine change will remains a mirage. Tongue only wagged when I passed nobody called me Ako anymore.

Writing this now, I realized that, nobody got your back like you do. Nobody cares for you like you can for yourself. You have to stand up for yourself. It’s your job to protect what you love and go after what you want warriors or not. Life is not designed to be fair. Life is designed for the strong. It used to be survival of the fittest, but the clime has changed, it’s now the elimination of the unfit or weak.

Fret not, there’s good news, everyone, yes, you reading this, you are strong and unique in your own beautiful way.

See you next week.

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