Meet Caleb Ugbo, A Warrior, Photographer and Blogger.

Caleb Ugbo is a 32 year old warrior, a blogger and a photographer who like other warriors has an ocean full of ups and downs the baggage that comes along with being a sickler. As a child, living with SCD, the hospital was my home…. “I go in and out like a child who wants to wee”  As I grew older; I had to learn ways of taking care of myself and avoid painful crises that takes me to the hospital.”

In Nigeria generally, some warriors find it difficult to bear the burden of living with SCD because they chose not to accept it due to religious or traditional doctrines while some others for fear of discrimination. I’ve chosen to accept that I have it and need to take certain major and dos and don’ts that will minimize the pains and the negativity attached to the sleeves of SCD even though it’s sometimes inevitable.

Stigmatization is a huge issue for us warriors because the minute you let people know your health status, the reactions we get most times discourages one from wanting to open up about the disorder. I’ve been a victim, but I refuse to allow people with their shallow minds ruin my happiness. A guy once said to me ” that I will die soon because I have sickle cell disease” and I told him we will all die someday because we all humans”.

The hardest part of being a warrior is the pain itself during crises. No matter how hard you try it will raise its ugly head when you least expect it. Sometimes, I just writhe and cry like a woman in labour, begging God to please ease the pains or take my life for good. It is a pitiable experience that you will never wish even for your enemies.

Most times there are certain things my mates do that I dont indulge myself in because I know my boundaries and for that am being termed Lazy and I call them ignoramus for they dont know the battle I fight everyday.  For relationships,I have also being in successful relationships too.

I take my drugs daily, take enough time off work to rest, I dont stress myself in order to avoid crisis, i love food and eat big, though am still skinny(LOL) never had blood transfusions, above all God is faithful…

I am not lazy, I am a warrior and a photographer………. I love what I do.  


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