My Primary School Days

Hey guys!

Am back like I promised to last week on my post…………..this is about my primary school days sequel to “how it started”.

My primary school times was kinda the coolest period of my whole experiences; this was the time where my parents cared for me the most been that I was young and could barely understand what it meant for me to be a warrior. I attended two different schools at the time, reason being that we relocated, I knew that every new class I was promoted to my teachers made sure I was not bullied nor disturbed by my peers because they were aware that I am SICKLER, one thing my parents made sure was to tell the school authority about my ailment and for this there was a special reference; never was I allowed to do strenuous activities like sports or clearing the school compound like others. Did I forget to mention that I attended government schools all through and was mostly seated in the first three rows in class?

Once it rains heavily I am bound to stay at home, when the most dreaded pains (crises) shows its ugly face, we end up usually in the hospital, the good thing about this period is that my parents made sure that I was always heated up in cold seasons, exposed in warm climates and prevented me from malaria and those things that triggered crises which kind of made the crises less frequent but even as they tried (my parents) it still occurred; that is the life of a warrior so unpredictable! Off course during rainy periods I missed schooling because it is unsafe to come out or participate in anything that would strain me, this affected my results, which didn’t bother my parents so long I was doing well health-wise.

In my neighborhood, I was never allowed to play like my mates did each time I tried to disobey my parents the end results was a huge regret for me or the normal cliche was “Audrey do not do this or dont do that”  this made me feel like I was not as good as the other kids…this constant restrictions had a dent on my self esteem, gradually the once little happy girl I was became moody, alone, withdrawn and aggressive. At this point I did not have friends, my peers began taunting me just to see my reactions off course; I would not react because my parents have always told me YOU ARE NOT LIKE EVERY OTHER PERSON and these words affected me greatly without their knowing.

When questions are asked in class, I do not respond even when I know the correct answers, this continued for a very long time, gradually time passed and I finished my primary school thinking I had overcome the world and its troubles in my primary days…….. little did I know that the journey just began.

Alright, guys, let’s call it a day.

I hope you enjoyed this episode…

See you next week with more juicy disclosure of my experiences!

with Love Audrey!

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