In carrying out research on the knowledge of sickle cell disorder and genotype importance; about 70 percent knew nothing about the sickle cell disorder and the few that knew about it referred to it as ‘Abiku’, they also did not see the need to know their genotype while in Egbokodo

Out of 100 participants, approximately: 45% have never heard of SCD, neither do they know anything about SCD. 40% do not know their genotypes.

Photos from our Know Your Genotype Campaign at Egbokodo/Ubeji yesterday. :
The turnup was huge, the targeted audience was more, the purpose was achieved.. :
The curiosity of the audience was satisfied, wrong myths about genotype and sickle cell anaemia was corrected… :
Thanks to all those who participated in the KYGC.
Together we can do more in breaking the sickle cell cycle.. #endgenotypeignorance

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