Meet Oduntan Akintunde a WARRIOR who suffers Avascular Necrosis

My name is Oduntan Akintude, born into a family of four and am the last living with SCD. I am a graduate of cell biology and genetics from university of Lagos and working in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. Life as a warrior hasn’t been a bed of roses because it comes with lots of challenges and discrimination, so far I bless God for keeping me alive and to achieve a lot.


The greatest pain I had was losing a relationship of five years old due to the discrimination from my girlfriend’s family as at that time, it almost cost me my life but with the help of my family members and close friend I over came it and miraculously I got married to the woman of my dreams and now with a baby girl

I used to have preferential treatment during my primary and secondary school days that I hardly get punished or indulge in any tedious work or punishment given to students generally because such will trigger my crises. The greatest disappointment I had back in school was missing 3rd term exam in Jss 2 but luckily I was promoted based on my 2nd term result which I did very well , I was a brilliant student in school.
University days was fun I had the best friends who stood by me even when I had crises. I never I never behaved like one cause I mingled a lot and was popular in school as well, I stayed in campus but went home for weekends.

My colleagues at work currently are the best because they help me a lot by covering up for me when in crises, my immediate boss is very understanding and she encourages me as well, I will love to work with them over and over again.
I am not a shy person, I talk about my genotype, I let people know from day one when the opportunity presents itself, I care less about anyone who will or discriminate against me over my health. Everyone battles with one ailment or disorder so being HBSS isn’t the end of the world for us warriors
I was diagnosed of Avascular Necrosis (AVN) in 2009, a complication caused by sickle cell anaemia, its not being easy going through hip pain but I strongly believe I am a conqueror.

My family has been so supportive in various ways, I was over pampered while growing up and was tagged mummy’s boy lets say I got all the love I needed probably because of SCD or because I lost my dad at 14 months of age.

I will encourage other warriors out there be outspoken and develop a thick skin to the discrimination they face and do well to care for themselves,because God has a purpose for everyone.

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