Leg ulcer is one of the complications of Sickle Cell Disorder, it is an open sore/wound on the lower extremity meaning lower part of the leg.

Some warriors have it mildly while some have it severely, some have it on one part of the leg while some have it on both legs.


This include, tingling sensation, discoloration of the skin, excruciating pain, swelling, itching, fever, infection etc

An ulcer can heal within 3 months while some can last up 10 years.

Once you have leg ulcer for the first time, there might be a case of re occurrence, so guard your feet with CARE

Leg ulcer is a serious complication which is so painful and sometimes lead to another complication know as Osteomyelitis (infection of the bone)

Osteomyelitis on its own is a serious and painful. Which will require the patient to be on 4-6 weeks of IV antibiotics….

But I am not talking about osteomyelitis today rather let’s focus on leg ulcer


Treatment of leg ulcer varies because what works for MR. A may not work for MRS. B.

* Foremost one should consult his/her doctor, a Hematologist or B&P Surgeon. 

* Do daily dressing using sterilized dressing materials

* Treatment also include conducting a wound swab test to know if the sore/wound is infected and to know the antibiotic sensitive to get rid of the infection.

* Compression is key if it’s a result of Veinous insufficiency. 

* Always elevate your legs

* Always take prescribed drugs

* Eat balance diet

* Keep yourself hydrated all the time

* Always eat fruits and vegetables

* Maintain a high level of cleanliness

* Never re-use a bandage or gauze

* Use of bandage, if necessary in order to have proper blood circulation to the affected area though this does not work for everyone with leg ulcer.

* In some cases, skin graft may be advised though it is a 50/50 chance.

In my Opinion I don’t advice for Skin graft

Here I will like to mention some few solutions or creams I have come across.

They are:-

* Hydrogen Peroxide

* Eusol Lotion

* Normal Saline

* Asmisol

* Honey


*Zinc impregnated Gauze

* Prontosan solution & gel

* Sudocream

* Mupiderm


Once you’re on the journey of leg ulcer, there are some medications you don’t need to skip….

Your folic acid and Vitamin c because you need vitamin C to optimize your immune system

Either you take the Vitamin C tablet or look for foods rich in vitamin C

Protein is another diet you don’t need to play with while dealing with leg ulcer

It’s a special gauze which has creamy stuff on the body, like calamai lotion

Never leave your leg ulcer open especially when your immune system is low (its not optimizer)

Because leg ulcer is not an ordinary wound

I suffered the re occurrence of leg ulcer for 22 years and those times it wasn’t a joke but guess what,I’m always in high spirit ( very cheerful) not that I never got depressed but I always find a way to snap out of it.

Because, once your spirit is depressed healing becomes slow….. So to improve healing, always be happy and cheerful

Some times it can be depressing but try as much as possible to talk to someone, who will help you snap out of it quickly

Yes, once your ulcer is healed you have to take some precautions….

1) always moisturize that area using Shea butter.

2) try as much as possible not to play with wearing of your pressure socks.

4) that the ulcer has healed doesn’t mean you should stop feet elevation, continue to elevate to help your system recycle blood at

 the lower extremity manually.

5) hydrate Well

6) eat well

And continue to ask God for mercy

Well, I started making research on my own on how to cure it, because at some point I felt that even the Doctors has failed me…..

1)I judiciously placed myself on healthy diet.

2) I don’t skip my compressor socks

3) as soon as I lay at night, I elevate, ( I had to customized my bed to an elevated position by putting a throw pillow under my foam.

Then optimize hydration….

And the last cream I mentioned Mupiderm & normal saline is what I was using until healed

Moisturizing is different from massage, please can you state your question well?….

You don’t need a masseur to apply a moisturizer on your scar

No that’s why its advisable not to use any chemical product near it…. Use natural petroleum jelly or Shea butter

I know some people will say coconut oil, but coconut oil will only create shine but doesn’t deeply moisturizer, instead of coconut oil you can use coconut whooped cream

You can prevent re occurrence for someone who has had leg ulcer before….

But for someone who haven’t had it before it’s difficult because you might not even know when it will appear, but if you go through the chat, where I stated causes, and you’re very sensitive to your body language, then prevention is sure

Once you have the Signs like hardening of the skin, tingling sensation, itching and discoloration of the skin, then an ulcer is brewing, start immediately to compress and elevate the leg.

If you don’t have compressor socks, just get a crepe bandage and tie it firmly from toe to knee for a week or two…. Believe me, it will disappear

Nice combo, but if the honey it’s not organic, it will break down the ulcer.

Natural honey can be very painful but if you endure and continue use, it speeds the healing and once your body gets used to it, the pain stops.

Honey is used as a natural debridement

Healing of leg ulcer comes from the inside, the cleaning is just for cosmetics reasons…. Meaning, you clean the dirt

that just resurface to avoid infection

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