ASCF holds her first Sickle cell club meeting on the 27th of April, 10am at Westend hospital, there will be medical team,free routine drugs, free vaccines for warrior kids and answers warrior issues. *

This meeting can be done on monthly basis to help provide routine drugs to our warriors who can’t afford to, it is an opportunity to give back to society by donating free drugs and vaccines or volunteering to be amongst the medical team? *

ASCF’ first sickle cell club meeting held on Saturday was a massive success, we had free drugs for every warrior present and pneumococcal vaccines for 0-5 years…. We had a quite interactive moments with the medical team which made it more interesting for parents. All thanks to our sponsors *

You too can be a part of the next by contributing routine drugs, vaccines, volunteering to be amongst the medical team, snacks,etc.
We are just a DM/call

Interested in donating or volunteering to be amongst the medical team to run free check ups send a DM

Thanks to our amazing supporters for all your support.. Without your kind gesture this will not be possible.

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