How it Started.

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16 Responses

  1. AudEzy says:

    Wow…..! Interesting, can’t wait for the continuation

    • Malik Obynna says:

      “‘The journey of a thousand miles’ they say ‘begins with a step.'”
      The best time to start is now…. And you have begun.
      Tell your tales Audrey; for “until the lion tells its story,
      the hunter will always adulterate its history.

      Lo! I am with you always, and in all ways.
      Well done.
      Bard Malik Obynna

    • Treas says:

      I’m happy you’re living happy despite your health challenge. I wish you more grace, wisdom and heavenly inspiration to help others discover themselves and speak out like you.

      • Audrey Mukoro says:

        Amen to that and Thanks my dearest friend, its an honour having you as a friend. I appreciate you.
        Regards to your family.

    • Audrey Mukoro says:

      Thanks baby.. u are indeed a great support in all I do,without you I would not be here writing my story….

  2. Malik Obynna says:

    I am not a sickle, but touched by their lives
    when their hands are misplaced to reach out.
    I dropped by, knowing that like terms attract:
    having that written, it should be clear at this
    point that what I have in common with this
    fighter is being a “warrior,” in another
    light, perhaps….

    I may not be there “in the beginning,” but can
    relate with a thing or two about “how it started.”

    Take charge in continuance, living your mandate “warrior!”

    Bard Malik Obynna.

  3. Danielle says:

    Well done Audrey!

  4. Noble says:

    You are strong indeed.

  5. Onyeka says:

    Beautiful blog, beautiful piece. You need to give this site much publicity. People need to see/read these beautiful info you share freely here. Kudos!

    • Audrey Mukoro says:

      Thanks dear! Yea I will, taking it gradually.. Thanks for friends like you who are a great support to our work…Thanks again!

  6. cherish says:

    Waoooo, life of a sickle, most likely to also experience choliastisis( gall stones). Kip the good works and encourage others to stand up against discrimination.
    Very severe cases comes with constant jaundice ( yellowish computation of the eyes).

    • Audrey Mukoro says:

      Thanks to my sister from another mother, u have being there for me all the years, words cant say how much I appreciate having u in our lives…. u the best I could ask for…. love u dear… thanks again sister girl.

  7. Marcel says:

    Finally, I have seen THE Audrey..
    Can’t wait to see you in person..

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