Sickle cell: Call The Midwife shines spotlight on disease

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  1. Ukey Eseoghene Henry says:

    Hello Nurse Audrey. I appreciate for this. But there’s bothering me. “My Eyes” the amount of fluid intake I undergo daily is high. But I still observe that my eyes colouration still remain the same. And when people see it they doubt me when I tell them I do drink water a lot. But the yellowish colour of the eye hadly changed thuo sometimes my urine is a little bit lighter, from my urine I can also tell that eye colouration is a bit clear. But still obvious that it is yellowish in colour.
    But one thing I’ve also observed is that when i go to the hospital for fluid intake(Normal Saline) it helps to clear the eye. My eyes be much clearer than it was before the intravenous fluid intake. So am saying is that is it ok to go for it once in a month, is there no side effect to it. What do you think I can do? Thanks in anticipation to your favourable reply.

    • Audrey Mukoro says:

      Yes, You can but its not advisable, increase your water intake…. drink like fish… the more you drink the clearer your eyes and forget what people will say,do you bits by drinking lots of water. And no am not a nurse, I am only a warrior, my eyes were like that at some point but gradually it is alot better as I drink water excessively. Stay woke on your health. We gon make it.

      Kind Regards
      Audrey Mukoro

      • Ukey Eseoghene Henry says:

        Ok I’ve heard you. Thanks a lot. I’ll stick to the water therapy. But what do you use to measure your water intake. Can I see your water can. Thuo I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately. Today I observed that the colour of my urine was as close to being whitish in colour. And I urinated alot today. Frequent use of the toilet. Thank you.

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