Save Princess Okeh

Recently an advanced lady reached out to us to help her with her warrior daughter who is terribly sick and has been so for some time now.
The woman told #ASCF that her daughter has been suffering from an infection for 3 years now and they have done all they could do but to no solution, that the girl suddenly started losing weight for two years now and she cannot do anything further because they (parents) are not buoyant enough even to feed is an issue.

That’s the reason she reached out to us for help, after her complains #ASCF team did their investigations and confirmed all her mother said; ASCF team bought her some drugs and donated raw food items to her, as we also observed that she’s also suffering from malnutrition, while we solicit for funds to care for her medical needs.
Princess Okeh needs urgent and proper medical attention.

Here are the highlights on Princess, with the kind donations from the members of ASCF and other kind Nigerians, we were able to do a comprehensive check up and test to help us detect what the issue is, after some days thankfully the results showed that her organs were okay, her PCV is okay too.

The Doctors in charge, said she has an infection (staph aureus) which is been taken care of and that the issue of her loosing weight is a case of SEVERE MALNUTRITION.

He further advised us and her family to encourage her to eat frequently and not starve, placed her on complan, syrup dynamogen and some other medications which we have paid for except for the complan which are yet to get due to financial hiccups.

ASCF members also did in kind donations to her also and was asked to revisit the clinic after a week, in order to be monitored and observe improvements so far.

The living conditions in the Okeh’s family is a cause for concern; as it has a negative effects on the only sickle cell warrior in the family, it is the survival of the fittest.

We hope that we would be able to get her back to stability and good health, with the help we can get on her behalf and are able to come up with.

Your little token, can save a soul today. Together we can do much more and save Princess Okeh.
We are sharing this here, requesting the help of the general public to contribute anything either in kind or cash towards saving a life; please indicate interest or call these lines

Account Details: U.B.A

Account Name: Umukoro Augusta

Account Number: 2031226970

Further updates coming up soon.
Together we can do more and save Princess.
07060499792 // 08030448215 //08126839103


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