Aderinsola Odebunmi: Meet sickle cell patient seeking help from Nigerians to live

By  Temitope Popoola

Crew members of had an emotional time when they met Aderinsola Odebunmi, a 35-year-old sickle cell patient whose health is failing day by day. The frail looking lady who seemed like she had been through a lot since she was born poured out her heart to the correspondents present.

The sickle cell patient who was surrounded by close family members as at the time of the interview revealed her relationship status saying she is single and still has a lot to live for. She could not hold back herself as she stated this point. She also made it known that she is not anywhere close to getting the amount needed for her health status to be worked on.

Aderinsola Odebunmi, the sickle cell patient struggling for survival. Source: UGC

Odebunmi amidst tears told that the only thing that will gladden her heart at this point in her life is to be back on her feet as she has a lot to live for. According to her, the doctor said she will have to undergo a hip replacement surgery as well as a plastic surgery for her to bounce back.

Odebunmi needs a hip replacement surgery to be able to walk. Source: UGC

Despite her failing health, the graduate of industrial and labour relations from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago-Iwoye said she is not ready to give up on life. She had reached out to in a bid to do something about her deteriorating health.

Odebunmi who is the last born of her mother said that she had been dealing with sickle cell anaemia all her life. She lost her eyesight for a year in 2005 and series of challenges had emanated from that. Although she graduated from the university in 2010, she has not been able to do much because of her health status.

The sickle cell patient acknowledged the fact that her present crisis is the worst bout she has ever suffered from. She pleaded with Nigerians to come to her help as she stated that she needs financial and spiritual help. She went on to say she needs the former more in order to stand a chance of living long.

Odebunmi wants Nigerians to come to her rescue.
Source: UGC

Odebunmi said that being a member of a Whatsapp group for sickle cell patients opened her eyes as she had thought she was simply going through crisis as with other people suffering from the same ailment. She was scolded for allowing her health to deteriorate to the level it is now before speaking out.

She was then taken to University Teaching Hospital (UCH) Ibadan by Adesua Sickle-cell Foundation. The lady behind this foundation is also a sickle cell patient, according to Odebunmi. They spent a lot of money there and are presently sourcing for more. According to her, the amount needed to get her back on her feet is beyond what her family can handle; thus, the reason for the financial aid.

Walking has become a bit of a challenge for the 35-year-old lady. Source: UGC

The 35-year-old lady also mentioned that moving around is becoming a challenge. Her family members were described as being wonderful as they have been doing their all they can to help her.They go as far as bathing her as she cannot do much by herself.

Odebunmi said that many people have helped her but they are getting weary of being constantly called upon. Speaking on the need for spiritual help, she said that she went to Synagogue church and nothing happened. However, there are pastors who come around to pray for the family.

Odebunmi with a close family member. Source: UGC

An old woman present at the time of the interview chipped in a few words concerning the condition of the lady. She urged young people to get tested in order to know their genotype and blood group before getting married so as not to suffer a similar fate. She said that times have changed unlike in her days when people simply married for love and ignored the medical tests involved. Don’t let me die, 35-year-old sickle cell patient cries out

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